Ginger Shots and Tulua were created to help people on their journey to better health and wellness. We make it easy and delicious to consume powerful, functional foods.



How We Began

It all started with ginger: a knobby, fibrous, difficult-to-work with root that has been lauded for thousands of years for its medicinal and healthful properties. We wanted to make this amazing root and its powers accessible to all, so we set about to make an authentic and powerful ginger shot. We found exceptionally spicy ginger grown in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, and vibrant fruits from California to New Zealand. Our six original Ginger Shots were born.

After hearing people’s stories about how Ginger Shots had improved their lives, we knew we had to do even more. So we researched and blended more functional foods, and introduced two new lines of wellness and probiotic shots under the new brand name of TULUA.


Our small but dedicated team brings a range of passions to what we do. Our production team is led by two devoted vegans, who inspire us each day with their attention to their work & their health. Our founder spent two decades working on medical technologies before he realized he had to bring the amazing benefits of ginger (and other functional ingredients) into the fast-paced lives of modern professionals. We have yogis to triathletes, climbers to surfers. All of us are passionate about healthy eating & living, caring for our families & helping others achieve their optimal wellness.